I love to help you find the connection with yourself

My story

I am Ayla Oostrom. Hypnotherapist and hypnosis trainer. All my life I have been interested in other people, cultures and perspectives. This started when I moved with my parents to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, at the age of three. Because of this, I grew up with different images than my peers in the Netherlands. I discovered this when I came back to the Netherlands at the age of 9 and found out that my classmates thought I had been living in a shack in the jungle, while Nairobi was already a very modern city in the 90s.

After high school I started studying political communication in Amsterdam. During this study I was mainly concerned with the relationship between politics, media and society. I found my study fascinating because political communication is also about the different perspectives with which people look at society.

After my studies I went to Mumbai for a six-month internship with the organization Teach For India. Here I gave drama lessons to children in the slums. This was an enormously enriching experience for me and it awoke in me a passion to work with children.

Back in the Netherlands I followed a teacher training after which I worked as a primary school teacher for a few years. The connection with the children was very enriching and inspiring but preparing lesson plans and extensive treatment plans was not what made my heart beat faster. I also experienced it as difficult to be in front of the class. 30 unique beings all with special needs and characteristics full of energy. In the classroom, every moment is meaningful. For someone who is highly sensitive and notices a lot emotionally from other people, this was exhausting.

During my last year in front of the classroom, I decided to take my mother’s, Ina Oostrom, hypnotherapy training. At that time my mother had been successfully practicing hypnosis for over 10 years. During the training I found out that hypnosis is much more fascinating than my mother had suggested all those years at the kitchen table. That same year I started my own practice and immediately began working with clients.

The images we grow up with determine to a large extent how we look at life, also in later life. This is something I encounter again and again in my sessions with the people I work with. Hypnosis helps you to look at your life and yourself with a new perspective. With my practice School of Joy, I want to help people to be able to follow their passion to be able to stand in life with pleasure. Hypnosis for me is fun, connection, creativity and standing in your own power. 

I love to help you find the connection with yourself and realize the changes in your life that you so long for. Change from your subconscious is powerful and permanent. I do not work with diagnoses or long treatment plans. I like to take the time for my sessions where we first discuss how hypnosis works and what I expect from you during the session. We also discuss your goals and the things you are struggling with in your life. Only then do we begin the hypnosis. If you want to know more about me, please feel free to send me a message. 



Designated certification instructor OMNI

Are you interested yourself in becoming a hypnotherapist? Find out more here about training possibilities. 

OMNI hypnosis and hypnotherapy training

I learned to work with regression therapy and parts therapy.


Special techniques targeted at children and teens. 

Certified Havening® practitioner

Havening is a new form of therapy that uses touche at the arms, palms and face that allow you to process deep trauma in a relatively simple way that doesn’t require you to go back into the pain of the trauma for a long time.


Hypnocell® allows you to work on a cellular level in hypnosis. This can be useful in, for example, improving athletic performance or recovering faster from surgery. 


Hypnoslim is a hollistic method that helps you get to your healthy weight permanently.

How clients experience me

“Quick, goal-oriented and fun!”

No complicated treatment plans, long waiting lists or theoretical modules but just hypnosis.
Just hypnosis? I heard myself say. Yes, just hypnosis!
My son had become so stuck that he wanted to go somewhere where he didn’t have to talk anymore.
I received the tip School of Joy from a friend. And yes, hypnosis offered a solution. 
Still help but without having to talk. So great.
Ayla connects with children in a playful but skillful way. She is sweet, open and involved and knows what she is doing.
She is professional and takes plenty of time for her treatments.  
Recently she added a new addition to her practice, because yes, they are at the forefront when it comes to the latest techniques at School of Joy, beautiful VR glasses! 
A fantastic and tangible tool to use in hypnosis for kids. Kids love this. A great device!
After 1 treatment already noticeable results and after 2 treatments the problem was solved. 
Ayla also teaches children self-hypnosis so they can help themselves at home or at school with one simple trick. That gives a lot of confidence!
In short, a real winner. I say do it!

I had only one hypnosis session with Ayla for self-confidence improvement and it was an absolute turning point in my life! Not only we had a session but she also taught me how to do a self-hypnosis on my own terms. The session was great! Therapeutic collaboration with me was very soothing, Ayla was very emphatic, non-judgmental and very professional. Before the meeting, we had a conversation and I wrote to her what I expect from the therapy. During the session instead of going deeper, I felt I am going higher and Ayla had to manage the unplanned situation here and now. She did it very well. It shows how professional and skillful she is. She created such a safe atmosphere in the therapy that I had no choice but to open up since the first minutes we met and that was very helpful. I felt safe to go very deep into my subconscious mind. We came to the point where my low self-esteem issue started. I had an opportunity to forgive and let go of the people who hurt me in the past and even though it was a hypnotic trance It felt so real that in waking life I have no resentment or grudges to them anymore. During the session I understood that I have a very negative inner voice about myself that pulls me down in real-life situations and Ayla with specific methods made my inner voice an opposite – encouraging, supporting, motivating voice. I say no longer harmful words about myself, I am paying attention to the inner monologues I have and they are very much cheering me up! Also during the session, Ayla helped me to draw a picture of my perfect future. It felt so real that I am projecting it in my mind every day and wait for that to come. I feel that it must come and I am very excited about my future. Overall I can say that I have never felt happier in my life! I feel happy and at ease every day. I feel confident about my future, I am confident looking for a new job, I feel definitely more confident going to new places, confident expressing my feelings and needs and saying my opinion. I can not even believe that my self-confidence improved so much! I was always as I remember scared to talk in public, afraid of judgments and critic and now I feel that I do me and I do not care what others think about me. I started to work with network marketing and even created a group in Facebook where I am talking about organic products. I get a lot of encouragement, people support me and it gives me even more confidence! Unbelievable! I thought that I could never do it but I do and the more videos I create the more confidence I gain. So the session was amazing, it helped me tremendously, I even started to feel that I am very beautiful! And it improved my relationship with my partner because I was often too shy, feeling not attractive, not good enough for him. My life has definitely changed after only one session, so what great results await if I book a hypnosis session with Ayla again! She did an amazing job and I will never say thanks enough to her for how good I feel. I absolutely recommend this specialist to everyone!


Promotieopname tijdens het 40-jarige OMNI feest in Zürich.