What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of your mind in which you are open to new insights and changes. Because it is so natural, you know hypnosis as well as you know sleep. Examples of daily moments of hypnosis are; if you are daydreaming; when you are absorbed in a book or a movie, or for example when you are so focused on a task that you seem to forget the time.

So you experience hypnosis every day. But what exactly happens when you go into hypnosis? To put it simply, in hypnosis you make a shift from your normal consciousness to your subconscious mind. Where your mind opens up more to accept selective suggestions.

Your mind consists of a normal consciousness and a subconscious mind. Most of the day you are in your normal consciousness. This is the part of your mind that can think critically and analytically. The part of your mind that helps you make all kinds of choices during a day.

You also have the subconscious mind. This is the part of your mind where is programmed who you really are and what you feel. It is also the part of your mind where your habits are stored. If you often do something in the same way, it becomes a habit and you don’t think about it anymore. Consider, for example, brushing your teeth or shifting gears in the car. But thoughts that we often think can also become automatic. You call this beliefs. Beliefs can be so strong that from your normal consciousness you no longer even realize that you are thinking them.

This is where hypnosis can help you. Because by going into hypnosis, you can bring about permanent changes in your subconscious mind. You can find out in subconscious mind where certain problems in your life have arisen. You are actually looking for the cause of your problem. Once you have found it, you can convert limiting beliefs into positive beliefs. This ensures that you can start to feel different and think about yourself differently. You can also achieve behavioral changes with hypnosis because behavior is also recorded in that subconscious mind. Because we are working on the cause, hypnosis is generally a very effective form of therapy where you will notice results quickly.


To go into hypnosis is to make a shift from your normal thinking to your emotional thinking.

Misconceptions about hypnosis

Although hypnosis has increasingly made its way into mainstream medicine in recent years, unfortunately there are still many misconceptions about hypnosis. This is mainly due to films and show hypnosis in which a picture is painted of hypnosis as if it were manipulation, or that it is control by another. It can even give the impression that hypnosis is a magical solution where you lie down on a chair, close your eyes, and come out better on the other side.

Nothing is less true. When you choose hypnotherapy, you are essentially choosing to take back control and responsibility over your own life. Not the hypnotherapist but the client ultimately determines the success of a session. You as a client have the choice at any time during the session whether or not to follow a suggestion. The hypnotherapist will guide you to the cause of the problem, but to get there the instructions / suggestions must be followed carefully. Collaboration is extremely important here.

For that reason, there will be an extensive preliminary discussion during the first session in which a lot about hypnosis will be explained. We will also talk about what you as a client do during the session. In addition, all misconceptions about hypnosis will be discussed and it will be explained how show hypnosis works. To get a little idea, below is a list of what hypnosis is and what is not.


What is hypnosis NOT?

  • Supranatural
  • Sleep
  • Dangerous
  • A magic wand
  • Control by another

What IS hypnosis?

  • REvidence based
  • RGeconcentreerde aandacht
  • RWeldadig voor lichaam en geest
  • RControle terugnemen over je leven
  • RIets dat je toestaat

Want to know more?

Do you really want to understand what hypnosis is? Then watch this video.