Schedule introductory meeting

Below you can schedule your own introductory telephone meeting. Please make sure that if you want to make a phone appointment regarding your child or a minor that you choose “telefonische intake kind’ at the row “afspraaktype” – apologies for the appointment app not having an English option.

A few things to consider before you schedule an appointment:

  • Hypnotherapy is not suitable for severe psychological conditions such as psychosis or schizophrenia. If you are unsure whether hypnotherapy is suitable for you, please consult your GP.
  • Telephone appointments are non-binding, meaning that there are no costs associated with them.
  • The purpose of the conversation is to determine if your goals align with my expertise and if we have a good connection to work together.
  • Please note that hypnotherapy treatments are generally short-term. It is recommended to schedule the first and second session close together. For additional sessions more time can be allowed in between to give the subconscious time some time to integrate the changes. 
  • At the moment there is no possibility to schedule a call outside of the offered slots.