Schedule introductory meeting

Below you can schedule your own introductory telephone meeting. Please make sure that if you want to make a phone appointment regarding your child or a minor that you choose “telefonische intake kind’ at the row “afspraaktype” – apologies for the appointment app not having an English option.

A few things to consider before you schedule an appointment:

  • Hypnotherapy is not appropriate for severe psychological conditions such as psychosis or schizophrenia. If you are unsure whether hypnotherapy is right for you, I recommend that you contact your doctor.
  • Call appointments are non-binding that means there is no charge.
  • The purpose of the conversation is to find out if you are in the right place with me with your goals and if there is a connection that feels comfortable moving foward.
  • Keep in mind that hypnotherapy is a short term intervention. Meaning that mostly issues will be resolved in a few sessions. The advice is to schedule the first and second sessions shortly after each other. Any follow-up appointments that might be needed can be scheduled with more time between the sessions. Sometimes it is helpfull to give the subconscious more time to let the process unfold.
  • It is not possible to schedule a call appointment outside the given options.