This year I started a podcast called HypnoMum & Ayla with my mother. In these podcasts we talk about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. I myself did the OMNI training for hypnosis and hypnotherapy in 2018. Since then I have my own practice where I guide both adults and children with various problems. Since 2019, my mother has been taking care of the OMNI hypnosis and hypnotherapy training at OMNI hypnosis training center the Netherlands. To raise awareness of the beautiful profession of hypnosis and simply because we really like it, we started this podcast. We have already recorded 10 episodes. Below is an overview of the topics per episode:

  1. Introduction
  2. what is hypnosis
  3. Hypnosis and parenting
  4. Misconceptions About Hypnosis
  5. Active wake hypnosis
  6. Applications of Hypnosis
  7. HypnoAunt & Carla
  8. Hypnosis and stress
  9. HypnoCell
  10. Hypnosis and Pain

You can listen to podcasts at: